Three Private Islands You Can Rent
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22 June 2017
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Three Private Islands You Can Rent

Three private islands you can rent for the day

What would you say if I told you that there are three perfect private islands that you can rent for a day? Well, I will not just tell you about these three islands, but also about how to get there! This is definitely that perfect vacation plan you have been dreaming of.

Voavah at Baa Atol


Fancy owning an island in the Maldives for a day? Well, you can! The Voavah at Baa Atol in Maldives is a private island that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will enjoy the white sandy beaches, perfect blue waters and wild jungles from the comfort of a five star hotel that can fit 22 guests. There are several water games that will keep you busy during the day. There is only one classy way of getting to the island; on a private jet that takes 40 minutes from Male.

Hurawalhi Island Resort

Foyer at Hurawalhi

Since no one can get enough of the Maldives, the second private island on the list is also in Maldives! Hurawalhi has one of the best and largest underwater restaurants in the world. The hotel on the islands is very modern and will ensure all your needs are catered for. The serenity of the island makes it a favourite yoga hub. The beaches are beautiful and clean and you will have a whole day to explore them. There are two ways of getting there. The first one is through a seaplane from Male. The second option is getting on a superyacht and cruising your way there.

Cempedak Private Island

Cempedak Private Island

Cempedak Island in Indonesia is perfect for enjoying the cultural and beautiful lands of Indonesia. Throughout your stay, you will enjoy the beautiful waters and jungle that surround the island. There are several games you and your guests can also engage in. Getting there is an adventure in itself. You first take a flight to Singapore, and then catch a superyacht to Bintan Resorts. You will then get on another boat to Cempedak. The island is only available upon request so if you want to have it for a day, you have to book it early.