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4 October 2017
New Super Yacht Offering From Benetti


New Super Yacht Offering From Benetti

In the world of super yacht vessels, modernity and luxurious onboard features determine the best. Benetti has been in the game for many decades and have recently released the super yacht Skyler that has raised the bar for such vessels. The power and class of this super yacht can be felt right from the Harbour. Streamlined with impressive angles and shapes, the yacht is arguably, one of the best in the super yacht fleets of the world.

Super Yacht Skyler from Benetti

When you board this super yacht, all your senses will be alert. From the impressive décor that will please your visual needs, to the perfect symmetry of design and décor that will entice you mentally, you will definitely agree that Skyler ranks highly in the best super yacht list. Inside, white and royal blue themes dominate. The colours are not only modern, but also attract class. The main saloon is very expansive. Fitted with a state of the art sound system, the main saloon is the best place to entertain guests immediately they board this super yacht. The area also has large windows, which not only bring in beautiful light and breeze during the day, but that also offer great views of the Harbour and all the activities taking place there during a cruise.

Super Yacht Skyler from Benetti

Perfect for night cruises as well, the yacht can accommodate ten guests and seven crew members. The bedroom cabins are exclusive and private. Additionally, the design of the yacht allows for minimal interruptions by crew members as they work or move around. 

Super Yacht Skyler from Benetti

A lot of attention was put in the design of the decks. They offer the best outdoor platforms. The decks carry four outdoor areas that can be customised accordingly. Currently, a beach club and teak bar, a bridge aft deck that can serve a great alfresco dinner, a sundeck and a forward-facing perch that carries the pool and spa take up the four outdoor platforms.

Super Yacht Skyler from Benetti

The super yacht also has very powerful engines and has a tender garage. Judging from this, and the general look and feel of the yacht, it is definitely true that super yacht Skylar has raised the bar for other super yacht vessels. 

For your chance to test out a Benetti super yacht why not consider chartering one out for the day? You will get a feel for how this classic brand handles. Lady Pamela is available for charter across the Eastern seaboard of Australia. Click HERE if you would like more information. 

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23 September 2017
New Riva 100 Super Yacht Unveiled


New Riva 100 Super Yacht Unveiled

Ferretti is known for the luxurious yachts they design, particularly those in the Riva 100 fleet. From the exclusive Bernadette to the current and more modern Wild One, you will be spoilt for choice when trying to pick out a suitable super yacht for your event. The latest super yacht offering from Ferretti has been, so far, described as a highly luxurious and highly functional yacht in the market right now. So what exactly makes this one of the super yachts of the world? We find out:

  1. Décor

The second Riva 100 Corsaro has a sporty feel with Italian themes. Even though the décor is simple, the authenticity and originality each item has showcases the super yacht’s highly luxurious nature. A mixture of coffee brown, white, and shades and tints of red give the main saloon a very contemporary feel. The large spaces have been fully embraced to bring out the feeling of class and sophistication.

Lower lounge on Riva 100 Luxury Super Yacht

  1. Convenience

The high tech used carries the vessel way past the super yacht status. With USB ports all over the yacht, anyone onboard this yacht will agree that it is very convenient. The design is so impressive that the ports have been placed on strategic places for easy access and also to blend in well with the décor.

Riva 100 Luxury Super Yacht

  1. Onboard features

The onboard features of the yacht definitely set it apart from the rest. From the spacious main saloon to the expansive decks, the design of the yacht allows for privacy and exclusivity during any type of event or cruise. The super yacht also boosts of exclusive cabins for night cruises. The cabins are on the lower deck for purposes of privacy and include 2 VIP suites, a double and twin cabin. The large windows in various areas in the super yacht also bring in a lot of light, enhancing the onboard features of the yacht.

Riva 100 Luxury Super Yacht

  1. Cruising experience

Like all other super yacht vessels in the fleet, Wild One has good engines. The super yacht boosts of twin 1,792kW MTU and 16V 2000 M93s standard engines. It has a top speed of 26.5 knots and a range of 310 nautical miles at 23 knots. 

Fancy taking out a super yacht for the day? Well there are some option for you to consider without shelling out a few million on a yacht like the Riva 100. Click HERE to see the comprehensive range of luxury boat hire options available.

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8 August 2017
5 Luxury and Limited Edition Watches


5 Luxury and Limited Edition Watches

5 Top Limited Edition Watches

Every yacht owner knows that having a classic sailing watch is as important as having the right leisurewear. The list below gives you the five top limited edition sailing watches, in no particular order, which will ensure your leisurewear is complete for that perfect cruising experience.

  1. Patek Philippe Nautilus 40th Anniversary Edition

Recently released into the market as part of Nautilus 40th anniversary celebrations, the Patek Philippe Nautilus 40th Anniversary Edition is a modern, classy and durable sailing watch. Both the strap and case are white gold speaking to the class the watch attracts. Baguette cut diamonds were used as the hour markers, and a date marker is engraved on the dial, giving the whole watch a luxurious look. Price (approx): AUD $188,000

Patek Philippe Nautilus 40th Anniversary Edition

  1. Omega Olympic Official Timekeeper

Omega is a well-known brand for its limited edition watches. Interestingly, the brand is the official timekeeper for the Olympic Games. Due to the partnership the brand has with the Olympic Games, it came up with the Omega Olympic Official Timekeeper, a timeless, classy and reliable limited edition. Only 188 pieces of this timepiece were designed. You can get them in pink, yellow or white gold versions, all with leather straps. 

Omega Olympic Official Timekeeper

  1. Vertex M100

The Vertex M100 is a private members club-style sales model. It is only available by invite to purchase. The brand aims at ensuring and assuring exclusivity based on fine appreciation of watches, and not just price. This limited edition is for yacht owners who appreciate watches.  Cochrane invited the first 60 people on a honourary basis, who were then tasked to invite other people and so on. Price (approx): AUD 3,500

  1. Vertex M100

  1. Chopard L.U.C 1963

Chopard L. U. C1963 is a limited edition for watch purists who do not want to go over the top. With a platinum case and a leather strap, this limited edition is stylish and classy. You will also get it a reasonably lower price compared to the limited editions in the list. Price (approx): AUD $38,000

Chopard L.U.C 1963

  1. Ulysse Nardin Diver Chronograph Monaco

The Ulysse Nardin Diver Chronograph Monaco was designed to celebrate the eighth year of official partnership between Ulysse Nardin and the Monaco Yacht Show. The limited edition has a stainless steel case and strap. Only 100 pieces of this edition exist in blue and red colouring. Price (approx): AUD $35,000

Ulysse Nardin Diver

So there's our favourites list. What goes well with an exquisite watch? A hopefully not so rare and exotic cruise on one of our superyachts

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2 August 2017
High Performance Toy - Seabob F5S


High Performance Toy - Seabob F5S

The Seabob F5 S is the ultimate sea vessel for intense amusement and adventure. One of the best features of the Seabob F5 S is its weight. Despite being only 34 KGs, the device has a very powerful engine and records high performance. Interestingly, you do not even require a driving license when out driving the Seabob F5 S as it allows a smooth electrical drive. Additionally, the technology used in Seabob F5 S is environment friendly.

Underwater Fun with Seabob F5S

The device has emission-free drive technology ensuring that it is very ecological. The designer installed one of the best power systems in the market, the E-Jet Power System, which gives the vessel the needed power for that ultimate and intense fun and adventurous experience. The system works with the concept of water displacement. The system sucks in water forcefully, by the rotating impeller, and then pushes it out in the channel under very high pressure ensuring that the vessel accelerates at a very fast rate. The E-Jet Power system is superior due to the fact that it needs very little energy to release power. In addition to this, you get to feel all this power without causing any harm to the environment due to the electro-technology used.

Seabob Luxury Toy

It goes without saying that the Seabob F5 S will give you the ultimate driving pleasure. You will feel both the warm sun and cool breeze caressing your skin as you drive across the water. There are no boundaries with this vessel. It is best for people who love speed and intense fun. To further let you fall in love with the Seabob F5 S, you will be able to use any gear and still feel the power!

Seabob on swim platform

Apart from the high performance, Seabob F5 S has a beautiful and stylish design. The water sports vehicle was designed and manufactured with top grade materials. The designer did not compromise on the quality of any part of the vehicle. The materials used are water resistant so you do not have to worry about causing a splash! The combination of high technology and classy design makes this vehicle a favourite to many. What a great toy! The next time you are in search of a super yacht hire option, ask our agents if there is a Seabob on board!

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30 June 2017
Cruise The Reef On This Super Yacht

GeneralLuxury Escapes

Cruise The Reef On This Super Yacht

Silent World Superyacht

Just one look at Silentworld and you will understand why it is among the most highly rated super yacht hire options in Australia. The vessel might appear soft and delicately designed, but its performance is unmatched. Any skipper will tell you that this yacht can shift gears faster and more naturally than the blink of an eye. This super yacht hire option, owned by the same group that established and runs the Silentworld Foundation, is used for both charter and for marine archaelogy expeditions.

Silent World Superyacht looking into main saloon

It is exciting that the foundation is planning an exploration cruise of the reefs off Bundaberg in south Queensland! The cruise will pass through Kenn reef and Cato reef and guests might just see some of the wreckages that happened along the reefs! Super yacht hire on Silentworld is not just a way of enjoying and relaxing, but also a great opportunity to learn as all its excursions have a purpose.

The yacht can comfortably host 12 guests and was designed to withstand different conditions. Due to this, it can be used for long cruises. If you have ever wanted to cruise the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, then this is the super yacht hire for you. The zero speed stabiliser used helps the yacht anchor at almost all places.

Main saloon on Silent World Superyacht

Best suited for exploring remote places, the super yacht hire can also be used for an exploration of Whitsundays. The captain of the yacht, Michael Gooding, also involved in the design of the super yacht hire, is well knowledgeable of the super yacht hire capabilities. He recommends cruising in remote areas where many other yachts are not able to go.

Formal dining on Silent World Superyacht

According to Gooding, a tour on Silentworld should include a tour of Bait Reef, which is on the edge of Coral Sea. The area is especially exciting for divers as it has several swim-throughs. Each cruise also has diving and swimming equipment that can be used to explore the underwater caves and coral gardens. This yacht is definitely one of the standouts for cruising the Great Barrier Reef. To see some other great options, visit our Luxury Boat Hire Whitsundays category. 

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