Luxury Whitsundays Island Getaways
Charter Luxury Whitsundays Island Getaways
25 May 2017

Luxury Whitsundays Island Getaways

With over 74 beautiful islands, a tour of Whitsundays will probably take you more than a couple of hours.  If you do not own a yacht, the next best option of cruising the Whitsundays is hiring an exclusive and luxurious yacht from a reliable agent. Now that you have all that sorted out, where do you start your cruise? There are three main islands that you cannot afford to miss out on during your Whitsundays luxury cruise.

Island 1: Whitehaven Beach

Rated as one of the 10 best beaches in the world, Whitehaven Beach on the Whitsundays is the perfect place for private parties with family and friends. You can turn the beach into your own private backyard as it is very exclusive. The fine white sand stirs the senses into the reality that you are standing on something magical. The view of the beach from Tongue Point is unforgettable as the sand swirls and leaves a pattern along the coastline. You will be pleased to know that the berths are deep enough for any type of yacht, including the larger sized yachts.

Island 2: Abell Point Marina

You also want to explore the Abell Point Marina. The marina is also capable of docking large sized yachts in case you are hosting large crowds that need big boats. A favourite activity done during a typical cruise of Abell Point Marina is the use of taxis to explore other nearby islands. You can turn off the engines and walk around comfortably in the marina. The transportation is also well organised to ensure you have as much fun during your Whitsundays cruise as possible. A visit to Abell Point Marina will allow your guests to enjoy a customised Whitsundays cruise by also interacting with the locals.

Island 3: Hamilton Island

Whitsundays cruises are never really complete until one explores the Hamilton Island. Completely uninhabited, Hamilton Island offers an adventurous way of enjoying your vacation or weekend getaway. The island has five star restaurants that you can also enjoy.

Important to note, you will need more than one cruise to explore all 74 islands in Whitsundays. A tip is to plan your visits well, picking out new islands each time you cruise the Whitsundays.