High Performance Toy - Seabob F5S
Toys High Performance Toy - Seabob F5S
2 August 2017

High Performance Toy - Seabob F5S

The Seabob F5 S is the ultimate sea vessel for intense amusement and adventure. One of the best features of the Seabob F5 S is its weight. Despite being only 34 KGs, the device has a very powerful engine and records high performance. Interestingly, you do not even require a driving license when out driving the Seabob F5 S as it allows a smooth electrical drive. Additionally, the technology used in Seabob F5 S is environment friendly.

Underwater Fun with Seabob F5S

The device has emission-free drive technology ensuring that it is very ecological. The designer installed one of the best power systems in the market, the E-Jet Power System, which gives the vessel the needed power for that ultimate and intense fun and adventurous experience. The system works with the concept of water displacement. The system sucks in water forcefully, by the rotating impeller, and then pushes it out in the channel under very high pressure ensuring that the vessel accelerates at a very fast rate. The E-Jet Power system is superior due to the fact that it needs very little energy to release power. In addition to this, you get to feel all this power without causing any harm to the environment due to the electro-technology used.

Seabob Luxury Toy

It goes without saying that the Seabob F5 S will give you the ultimate driving pleasure. You will feel both the warm sun and cool breeze caressing your skin as you drive across the water. There are no boundaries with this vessel. It is best for people who love speed and intense fun. To further let you fall in love with the Seabob F5 S, you will be able to use any gear and still feel the power!

Seabob on swim platform

Apart from the high performance, Seabob F5 S has a beautiful and stylish design. The water sports vehicle was designed and manufactured with top grade materials. The designer did not compromise on the quality of any part of the vehicle. The materials used are water resistant so you do not have to worry about causing a splash! The combination of high technology and classy design makes this vehicle a favourite to many. What a great toy! The next time you are in search of a super yacht hire option, ask our agents if there is a Seabob on board!