Cruise The Reef On This Super Yacht
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30 June 2017
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Cruise The Reef On This Super Yacht

Silent World Superyacht

Just one look at Silentworld and you will understand why it is among the most highly rated super yacht hire options in Australia. The vessel might appear soft and delicately designed, but its performance is unmatched. Any skipper will tell you that this yacht can shift gears faster and more naturally than the blink of an eye. This super yacht hire option, owned by the same group that established and runs the Silentworld Foundation, is used for both charter and for marine archaelogy expeditions.

Silent World Superyacht looking into main saloon

It is exciting that the foundation is planning an exploration cruise of the reefs off Bundaberg in south Queensland! The cruise will pass through Kenn reef and Cato reef and guests might just see some of the wreckages that happened along the reefs! Super yacht hire on Silentworld is not just a way of enjoying and relaxing, but also a great opportunity to learn as all its excursions have a purpose.

The yacht can comfortably host 12 guests and was designed to withstand different conditions. Due to this, it can be used for long cruises. If you have ever wanted to cruise the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, then this is the super yacht hire for you. The zero speed stabiliser used helps the yacht anchor at almost all places.

Main saloon on Silent World Superyacht

Best suited for exploring remote places, the super yacht hire can also be used for an exploration of Whitsundays. The captain of the yacht, Michael Gooding, also involved in the design of the super yacht hire, is well knowledgeable of the super yacht hire capabilities. He recommends cruising in remote areas where many other yachts are not able to go.

Formal dining on Silent World Superyacht

According to Gooding, a tour on Silentworld should include a tour of Bait Reef, which is on the edge of Coral Sea. The area is especially exciting for divers as it has several swim-throughs. Each cruise also has diving and swimming equipment that can be used to explore the underwater caves and coral gardens. This yacht is definitely one of the standouts for cruising the Great Barrier Reef. To see some other great options, visit our Luxury Boat Hire Whitsundays category.