Murcielago New Years Eve Cruise

  • Price $60,000.00
  • Length 30.5m / 100ft
  • Guest Capacity 12
  • Catering All-Inclusive
Murcielago New Years Eve Cruise


The beauty and breathtaking scenery that Sydney Harbour offers during New Year’s should only be enjoyed in the most comfortable and most luxurious way possible. You can enjoy and welcome your New Year in style through our New Year’s Eve cruises on Murcielago. Our New Year’s Eve cruises are designed to ensure comfort, luxury and exclusivity during New Year’s Eve.

Murcielago is one of the best yachts for your New Year’s Eve cruises as it has the best features for viewing the different activities that will be taking place in the Harbour. A general air of sophistication and elegance can be felt at any part of the yacht. The saloon is very spacious allowing all guests on board to comfortably catch all the action from the comfort of the beautiful soft bench lounges in the main salon.

For guests who want to watch the famous Sydney fireworks from outside, both the front and the rear deck are sufficient. The decks are very expansive. They also have an unrestricted view of the Harbour, allowing guests to take as many awesome pictures as possible during your New Year’s Eve cruises.

You will also be pampered by the staff who will be onboard. Our staff are well trained and will ensure that your New Year’s Eve cruises go as planned. The staff will give you your space but will also always be close in case you need some assistance.

To ensure comfort and luxury, our New Year’s Eve cruises on Murcielago only allow 12 guests. Your 12 guests will be able to enjoy the privacy and space on the yacht, while at the same time, also appreciate the adrenaline rush from the crowd that will be on the Harbour.

Your New Year’s Eve cruises on Murcielago will also ensure that you and your guests are wined and dined in some of the best delicacies and wines in the world. Our chef is five star rated and the licensed bar on board is fully equipped with famous labels that your guests will enjoy. Talk to us today and start planning for the best New Year’s Eve party yet. 

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Catering All-Inclusive
Length 30.5m / 100ft
Guest Capacity 12
Cabins 4
Sleeps 6
Formal Dining 12
BYO Not Permitted
Location - Summer Sydney
Location - Winter Whitsundays

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