La Dolce Vita

  • Price $495.00 pr/ hr
  • Length 7.92m / 26ft
  • Guest Capacity 4
  • Catering Available
La Dolce Vita Luxury Boat Hire


La Dolce Vita is one of the best luxury boat hire options for transfers. The classic Italian wooden speedboat is a favourite for VIPs and newlyweds. You can also use the yacht to make an entrance to your cruise. The yacht can accommodate four people, including the skipper. Luxury boat hire on La Dolce Vita is a fun experience as it allows for perfect views of the Harbour. You will enjoy the beautiful sights as you make your way to your cruise.

The Cometi is well-maintained with highly polished exteriors. Your guests will definitely be impressed by the design and functionality of the yacht. Even though it is mainly used for transfers, luxury boat hire on La Dolce Vita can go for extended cruises. You can, therefore, hire it to explore Sydney Harbour or take you and someone one special to your waterside restaurant before picking you up for a cruise back to your luxury hotel.

The yacht can also be used to transfer VIPs to Harbour side hotels. The luxury boat hire is definitely one of the best ways of making an impression. You VIP guests will get a taste of the type of event they are attending simply by enjoying this luxury boat hire transfer. To make the experience more authentic, our skipper will wear either a traditional Italian captain’s uniform or a gondola uniform.

Whether the luxury boat hire is used for transfers to a hotel, to a luxurious yacht in the middle of the ocean, or for an adventurous escapade, La Dolce Vita will not disappoint. You will enjoy the feel of the breeze as it sweeps through your hair. The yacht is also perfect for photoshoots in the middle of the ocean. Surrounded by the open ocean and complimented by the breeze and the luxury boat hire, photoshoots on La Dolce Vita are very captivating.

If you have VIP or are looking for an adventurous feel during your transfers, La Dolce Vita is the best luxury boat hire for you. It is not only elegant and classy, but it is also fast. Talk to any of our agents today and get this luxury boat hire for your transfers. 

Additional Information

Luxury Boat hire on La Dolce Vita includes skipper

January - December 
Minimum 2 hour charter $990
Additional hours $495 per hour

Late night surcharge
Charters after 9pm: $570 per hour

Public holidays, and special days incur a surcharge.

Manly and Middle Harbour pick up or drop off may incure a surcharge.

Wharf fees apply.

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Boat Name La Dolce Vita
Catering Available
Length 7.92m / 26ft
Guest Capacity 4
Location - Summer Sydney
Location - Winter Sydney

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