Element New Years Eve Cruise

  • Price $45,000.00
  • Length 24m / 80ft
  • Guest Capacity 36
  • Catering All-Inclusive
Element New Years Eve Cruise


If you are looking to add some pomp and colour to your New Year’s celebrations this year, then our personalised New Year’s Eve cruises on Element are meant for you! Our New Year’s Eve cruises on Element will give you the best opportunity to welcome the New Year in style, with family and friends, away from the crowds and in the privacy of a luxurious and private yacht. You will not only enjoy the great views, but can also have your own party in the yacht to entertain your guests even more!

You can catch up with guests as you await the hours close to midnight in the main saloon. A very spacious area with large windows that still give you the right view of the Harbour. The main saloon is equipped with various entertainment equipment like a flat-screen TV and a sound system that you can use to entertain your guests before the main events on the Harbour start. Our chef and crew will serve you the best delicacies and drinks during your New Year’s Eve cruises as you count down the hours to the New Year.

Guests can take advantage of the other areas on the yacht to better catch all the action taking place on the Harbour. The front and rear decks are perfect for viewing. They are spacious and have an unobstructed view. Since the yacht has three levels, guests can also catch all the action from the top deck. Through our New Year’s Eve cruises on Element, you will have the best seats in the Harbour. You will not miss a single event from the yacht. In fact, you will see much more than the crowds on shore!

Our crew members will always be present to make sure that your stay on Element during your New Year’s Eve cruises is smooth. You can also engage your guests in cocktails and BBQ as you celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another. Our New Year’s Eve cruises are very competitive and you can be assured of not only being pampered, but also getting the privacy and exclusivity you desire during your New Year’s Eve cruises. 

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From :
Boat Name Element
Catering All-Inclusive
Length 24m / 80ft
Guest Capacity 36
Cabins 4
Sleeps 8
Formal Dining 12
BYO Not Permitted
Location - Summer Sydney
Location - Winter Sydney

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